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10-13 April 2022
Giardini Naxos, Italy
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Hosts: Alessandro Iafrati and Giuseppina Colicchio (CNR-INM)
Amini-Afshar M., Bingham H.B. The Challenges of Computing Wave Added Resistance Using Maruo's Formulation and The Kochin Function
Bitsch M.E., Melander A.D., Engsig-Karup A.P. A High-order Pseudospectral Incompressible Navier-Stokes Free Surface Model in 2D
Boral S., Sahoo T., Meylan M.H. Flexural gravity wave amplitudes in the vicinity of blocking point under shallow water approximation
Chen X., Diebold L., Choi Y. Speed-effect restoring forces on ship motions
Chen Y., Hayatdavoodi M., Zhao B., Cengiz Ertekin R. Waves generated by moving disturbances on the seafloor
Clamond D. Derivation of some steady gravity wave equations for uneven bottoms
Colicchio G., Antuono M. New cut cell method for finite differences approximation of the Poisson Equations applied to a semi-averaged model for water waves propagation
Das S., Meylan M.H. Time dependent motion due to sinusoidal ocean bottom oscillation
De Vita F., Lorenzo M., Pezzutto P., De Lillo F., Bosia F., Onorato M. Energy budgets in the interaction between a surface gravity wave and a sumberged cylindrical resonator
Del Buono A., Iafrati A. Multisection approach for the vertical water impact of a fuselage
Ding H., Zang J. Numerical investigation of the survivability of a wave energy converter
Edwards E.C., Hann M., Greaves D., Yue K.P. Generalizing the optimal axisymmetric point-absorber wave energy converter to irregular waves
Eroglu F.G., Mucke N.T., Engsig-Karup A.P. Reduced Order Modelling for Dispersive and Nonlinear Water Wave Modelling
Gao M., Draper S., Chen L., Wolgamot H., Cheng L. Modelling a dam break flow in a moving reference frame
Grue J. On the generation process of upstream waves by a pressure distribution at critical speed
Hascoet R. Level-Crossing Conditioning in second-order water waves
He J., Noblesse F. Theoretical foundation of a new type of panel method
Huang J., Porter R. Wave power extraction from a metamaterial cylinder with internal paddle power take off mechanism
Jin S., Tosdevin T., Hann M., Greaves D. Experimental study on short design waves for extreme response of a floating hinged raft wave energy converter
Khan M.B.M., Meylan M.H., Behera H. Generalised hybrid element method for oscillatory motion of multiple floating structures in oblique regular waves
Lamei A., Hayatdavoodi M., Riggs H.R. Elastic Responses of Wind-tracing Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
Liang H., Santo H., Si M. Decomposition of ship waves and time-frequency spectrograms
Liu Y., Zheng S., Liang H., Cong P. Wave energy absorption amongst arrays of point absorbers with a non-regular geometry
Lorenzo M., Pezzutto P., Bosia F., Camporeale C., De Lillo F., De Vita F., Manes C., Ventrella F., Onorato M. METAREEF, a sustainable submerged floating metamaterial structure to attenuate surface gravity waves
Malenica S., Newman J.N. Added mass and damping of structures with angular symmetry
Marleaux P., Khabakhpasheva T.I., Abdel-Maksoud M., Korobkin A.A., Maki K. High-speed vessel moving along the edge of ice field
Mokus N., Montiel F. Floe size distributions in irregular sea states
Nam Y-S., Lee J-H., Liu Y., Kim Y. Enhanced Wave-Field Reconstruction Based on Stochastic Characteristics of Shadowing Effects
Renzi E., Dias F. Modelling design waves in a Numerical Wave Flume based on a higher-order Moving Particle Semi-Implicit Method
Saha S., Das S., Bora S.N. Trapped waves within the blocking frequency under compressed sea ice and two-dimensional current
Scolan Y.M. Analysis of the pressure field in a breaking wave
Semenov Y.A., Savchenko Y.N., Savchenko G.Y. Impulsive impact of a body submerged in an open container
Shishmarev K., Zavyalova K., Khabakhpasheva T. Steady-state motion of a load on an ice cover with linearly variable thickness in a channel
Stavropoulou C., Goteman M. A very simple park interaction factor
Sturova L.V. The Cauchy-Poisson problem for a fluid with a shear flow and non-uniform compressed ice cover
Subramanian R., Beck R.F. Body-Exact Computations of Vertical Plane Motions
Tong C., Shao Y., Bingham H.B., Hanssen F-C. W. A study of a fixed trapezoidal section in regular waves using a generalized weak-scatterer model
van der Eijk M., Wellens P.R. Experimental and numerical 2D wedge entry in water with entrained air
Visbech J., Engsig-Karup A.P., Bingham H.B. Efficient Computation of the Linear Radiation Problem using a Spectral Element Method
Xiao Q., Calvert R., Yan S.Q., Adcock T., van den Bremer T.S. The wave-induced drift of objects of finite size
Xie Z., Brocchini M., Lin P. Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Structures under Breaking Waves
Xu J., Ning D.Z., Chen L., Zhang C.W., Teng B. Local resonances within an array of C-shaped cylinders in water waves
Xu H., Greco M., Lugni C. Influence of Rigid/Deformable Foil Shape on the Hydrodynamic Loads and Performance
Yang J., Yao J., Zhang X. On the modulation of a plane wave to oblique perturbations in finite water depth
Yao J., Zhang X., Beck R.F. Nonlinear Effect on Ship Generated Mini-tsunamis
Yuan Z-M. Wave-passing by ships in a single file formation
Zhang Z., Maki K.J., Doctros L.J. Two-Dimensional Planing in Water of Finite Depth
Zhao B.B., Zhang T.Y., Li L.J., Wang Z., Duan W.Y., Hayatdavoodi M. Extension of MCC-FS model to bottom time-varying problems
Zheng S., Porter R., Liang H., Greaves D. Water wave interaction with an annular metamaterial cylinder
Zheng K., Zhao B.B., Duan W.Y. Experimental study on wave breaking and evolution of wave groups with high steepness
Zhu Z., Kim B-S., Wang S., Kim Y. Study on Numerical PMM Tests in Incident Waves
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