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The obituary notice : With great sadness, we regretfully announce the passing of Dr. Lili Kimmoun. Her whole life can be seen in Dr. Lili Kimmoun.pdf. Please send your sincere condolences to her.

The Tuck Fellowship within the IWWWFB has been established in honour Professor E. O. Tuck, see http://www.iwwwfb.org/tuck.htm. A donation form is available at http://www.iwwwfb.org/tuck.htm.

The MIT Press released a new edition of MARINE HYDRODYNAMICS written by Prof.J.N. Newman. This book is referred to as the `40th Anniversary Edition'.
The book has updated with some corrections and more references, and three exciting aspects of this are:
(1) John Grue has contributed a Foreword
(2) The new edition is published as a paperback, with a corresponding reduction in the price
(3) It also will be available as an Open Access E-book in pdf format, which anyone can download without charge from the press website: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/marine-hydrodynamics-40th-anniversary-edition

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